Business Claims: Catastrophe Preparedness

Catastrophes and natural disasters can have sudden and devastating impact. A little preparation and the right partner can go a long way.

Take steps to protect your business and your people before disaster strikes.

Learn more about how you can create a plan for a range of natural catastrophes, powered by AIG’s expert insights.



Hurricane season starts on June 1 each year, but extreme windstorms can strike anytime. Arm yourself with valuable lessons and tips to prepare this season.


Stemming from various weather events, flooding can occur in almost any area with minimal notice. Understand the locations most at risk and how you can protect your property before and after floodwaters hit.


As droughts intensify, so does the threat of wildfires that move quickly and can devastate large areas. If you are in a potentially exposed area, review some of the actions to consider during wildfire season.


Earthquakes can occur at any time of the year across many regions.  Learn ways to minimize the effects before and after the shocks.

Winter Storms

Extreme temperatures combined with wind, snow, and flooding can spell disaster for residential and commercial properties. In addition to the Winter Weather Tip Sheet, please find additional tools and resources to help you prepare for extreme cold weather.