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What is Correspondent Lending

AIG Investments is an affiliate of American International Group, Inc.

AIG Investments’ Correspondent Lending Group was established in 2013 to provide residential mortgage investment fulfillment services, combining the strength and mortgage analytical acumen of AIG investments with thorough loan level underwriting and compliance.  Benefitting from nearly a century of assessing risk, AIG has the experience to create attractive products that support a healthy mortgage market.  The result is a balanced and fully vetted portfolio that provides a competitive risk adjusted yield.  AIG Investments believes buying whole loans using stringent due diligence provides stability and consistency across all economic conditions, and is a necessary component of a healthy mortgage industry.  

AIG Investments is aware of the choices our lenders have in the secondary market and understand what it means to earn one’s business.  While we must continually review and adjust our strategic position, our principles for success are steadfast - built on ethically driven decisions, accountable actions, and reliable service.  Over the past few years we have developed strategic relationships with a limited group of sellers.  To meet our investment vision we intend to continue to thoughtfully grow our seller relationships to a size and scope that will both be a valued asset class with AIG Investments and a meaningful contributor to a robust secondary mortgage market.  

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Correspondent Lending
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