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Global risk management when you need it most.


IntelliRisk® offers unique risk management capabilities, including detailed claims analysis, customizable metrics, and data driven global insights for primary line claims.

Access to innovative, on-demand technology helps our clients identify trends and make important decisions for their business.


Available Benefits

  • Immediate insight to key metrics and trends that are impacting insurance programs
  • Innovative analysis tools help formulate strategies to improve the insurance program and measure success
  • Global exposures can be viewed in multiple graphical representations to pinpoint and mitigate risk
  • Proactive involvement in the claim life cycle helps to lower frequency and reduce severity when a claim occurs

If you need access to non-primary line claims, log in here.

Additional Services

IntelliRisk services are designed to help facilitate every step of the claim process.

Report a Claim

Report Primary Property or Casualty Line claims online (Auto Liability, General Liability, Property, and Aerospace) using the AIG claim reporting site, which facilitates State and Loss Notice form reports and submission to the appropriate claim office.

  • Pre-populated forms based on insured reporting location
  • Consistent and detailed data capture, providing better loss reporting information and metrics
  • Document attachment capabilities for insureds and brokers online
  • Smart system questions that streamline the intake process
  • More effective and efficient capture of information upfront for a smoother, more effective claims process
  • Search for previously reported claims by various criteria
  • A claim status-view page for insured’s and brokers to track adjuster assignment and claim closure
  • Service options vary depending on lines of business and countries

Medical Management

To easily locate providers within the workers’ compensation provider network site and to procure state related updates:

  • Find Nearby Medical Care: Locate nearby hospitals, doctors or other medical facilities through various search options. View descriptions of state rules that apply to direction of medical care such as provider selection, managed care options and state-specific regulations. 
  • Medical Management Regulatory Update: Information on recent legislation and regulations.
  • Service options vary depending on lines of business.